Access Control

Access Control

Access Control systems allow you to decide who can enter your business, as well as verify who is onsite. While old lock and key security has its place, an access control system allows you to manage permissions for multiple staff. You can do this via a single security door access card or fob device per staff member or visitor. No matter the device, you can enhance your security while helping prevent unauthorised access to your premises. Commercial access control is on a different scale than home access systems. Which is why out of the box solutions simple won’t work. Commercial access control systems offer more complexity in regard to permissions. This is because there will be more users of the system and, as a result, you require additional information to track employees’, client, and visitor movements throughout the building. Which is why commercial access systems are built to provide better safety and security. Using a robust system, you can track hours spent on a site in real time. This allows you to generate reports for time and attendance. You can also track who is onsite and where in emergencies, so you can safely evacuate your business. Ideal for large and small businesses, these security systems are cost-effective while still allowing you to manage different levels of entry to different areas of your site. You can also integrate your access control system with other security systems – including alarm, CCTV and fire systems – to create a complete Building Management System (BMS).

Access Control System

Building access control is a security technology that regulates who can enter your premises. It is an effective way to restrict entry to different areas of your premises and cost-effectively manage access rights. Businesses and organisations all use different systems based on their compliance needs and security levels. As a result, CPS offers custom solutions for access control security in Ireland & UK markets. You can utilise building security to confirm user credentials, track employee ingress to restricted locations and areas, as well as restrict entry to rooms and buildings. This can be done via security door access cards, fobs, biometrics, apps, and more. You can also integrate these systems with alarm systems and lock down systems to help prevent unauthorised entry to parts of your property.

Building Security With CPS

CPS can help you create an end-to-end security system to prevent unauthorised access to your facilities. We provide your organisation with an unbeatable level of safety and business access control. CPS us a comprehensive suite of security alarms, digital security cameras and video systems to meet your needs.

Access Control Features

Some of the features of a well-thought-out building access control system will include:

A Complete Protective Services solution includes:

All systems can have a Fully Managed back of house system or for a basic system can have standalone units- CPS install all Top Brand Access Control Systems that assist our clients to have full access accountability for their premises 24/7. All systems are customed Designed to ensure the correct fit for our customers unique requirements.


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