Alarm Monitoring

CPS 24 Hour Monitored Alarm Systems

Our alarm monitoring services solutions operate 24 hours a day 365 days of the year (and 366 on leap years!).
A monitored alarm system gives the business owner peace of mind:

When your alarm notifies our security monitoring centre responds immediately- emergency or disturbance that is not disarmed with a valid user code, our control room operators will:

  • Call your premises to validate whether a false alarm has occurred.
  • If that fails, try to contact you via your contact response list.
  • Initiate Security Protocols to ensure the alarm activation is dealt with in the appropriate fashion until the alarm incident is resolved in full.
  • Detailed Reports are emailed to client via account manager to relay information on activations.

Once contacted, our clients or selected keyholders will respond to the alarm in a timely manner- and report to the monitoring station, so the appropriate security protocols can be indicated.

Our CPS alarm systems attach to your telephone line or wireless network. The alarm signal is sent directly to our security monitoring centre.

Wireless security monitoring can protect you if there is damage or tampering with your phone line. Wireless business alarm monitoring is highly secure and involves attaching a wireless alarm monitoring interface to your alarms control panel. The GSM Digi then sends signals directly to the monitoring centre.

To determine the level of monitoring you require, we look at the level of risk at your premises. You must take into consideration insurance requirements set out by your insurance provider to ensure you have proper cover in the case of an emergency.


Alarm Monitoring

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