Residential CCTV Systems

Indoor and outdoor security cameras installed in your home by professionals

Installing CCTV security camera systems is one of the best ways to protect your business.By selecting Complete Protective Services, we can help you choose, customise and design a full install for a CCTV system that is right for you.

We provide expert camera installation and custom set up, allowing you to monitor your premises with smart technology from wherever you are. CPS can also offer our clients a full monitored CCTV system 24/7 through our dedicated Monitoring Partners to enhance the viewing capabilities of your CCTV system.
At Complete Protective Services, we only recommend and install CCTV equipment from the most trusted and respected brands.

Our great relationship with some of the world’s largest security distributors allows us to pass only the best camera systems to you, your home, and your family.

Our CPS Residential CCTV Systems Provide:

Continuous recording

Provide a continuous record of events at your home

Smart phone monitoring

Give you the ability to self-monitor from any smartphone, tablet, or computer with a free CCTV Remote Viewing App- with Zero Running Costs

Deter Trespassers

Deter trespass, theft and vandalism providing you with ongoing peace-of-Mind.

User Friendly

Have a user-friendly operation. No previous computer knowledge is required.

Additional Security

Keep a watch over vehicles and valuable items around the home.

What’s best for you, your family and your home might be different from your neighbours

We know that every customer is different, and each house is too.

The layout of your home, whether you have pets, how you live, and how you would like to keep you, your family and belongings secure are all specific to you.

Because of these factors, the security cameras that we choose to install accommodate for a range of situations and include the following features:

Night Vision Cameras

Keep an eye on your premises, car and/or street during the night while you are asleep.

Anti-Vandal & Weather Proof Cameras

Invest in a camera system that will withstand the elements and last you for years to come- Weather Resistant IP 67.

High Definition Cameras

Have the ability to capture and zoom in on details such as faces and/or number plates.

Bespoke CCTV Installations

CPS Offer our Clients CCTV Systems ranging from 2 Cameras up to as many as required for your premises. Choices of Colour for the Domes are also essential to fit in with your premises- so we offer both white and dark grey CCTV domes.

Remote Viewing

View your home from anywhere with our integrated smartphone app allowing you to access your security cameras from anywhere! * Free App & Zero Running Costs- Requires internet access


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